Submit to the Journal

Submissions to Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Technology are made using the online submission system.

is available and is used to send the paper at the ready state.

  • An author is allowed to submit just only a paper.
  • You have to submit your paper abstract first and then Full Paper has to be submitted.
  • The author can view the reviwers' comments on this website only. Reprepared Full Paper according to the reviwers' comments must be submitted during the camera ready status.
  • After publication, you can download our journal any time and any where the internet is available.

Instructions of Online Submission System

  • Only email must be used to submit a paper.
  • During Registration, the author has to notice that password must contain at least one number and one uppercase and lowercase letter, and at least 8 or more characters.
  • If the password you enter is not valid with the above reaons, the needed instruction is given how to correct your password.
  • Your phone number and password must be entered as the instructions. Phone Number Format must be Country Code-Exchage Code-Phone Number (e.g, 095-9-785129912).
  • You have to login with your registred email and password.
  • During the submission of your abstract at the first time, we must accept and record author, co-authors' emails.
  • You can update your paper (abstract or full paper) except your author, co-authors' emails before the managing editor checks it. After the editor has checked your paper, you are not allowed to update it.

Submission Rules

We thank you for visiting the Terms of Service of Journal of IRT.

Welcome to Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Technology. You can submit to JIRT journals using our online systems. The system you use will depend on defined field to which you submit. Initially, you submit abstract with title and then after two weeks, your full paper will be submitted to the JIRT journal. Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the editor. Once your paper is accepted for publication, you will receive the reviewers’ comments and you update your paper according to the reviewers’ comments. Between acceptance state and camera ready state, you will pay the publication fees to direct JIRT journal or bank payment (KBZ bank). For camera ready state, you will send the updated paper according to reviewers’ comments.

Remind Rules

Before submission, please ensure that you are aware of the followings:

  • If a submission is out of scope, does not meet academic standards, the editors will reject it without review.
  • Plagiarism screening software is used to verify the originality of all submissions.
  • An author who submits substantially similar work to more than one publisher, or who submits the paper that has already been published, must be disclosed at the time of submission in the Dual Publications field.
  • Please note that papers already published local or international conferences, other journals and Proceedings are not accepted for the publication in JIRT journal.